Many people have a lot to learn about each other when they begin dating. This is a wonderful time of exploration for each person. They cannot predict the books, movies or foods the other person will like or appreciate. Each date brings a new series of revelations. Their world opens up as they learn about each other and offer new information. Book, music and movie recommendations may take them into a world they never knew existed.

The beginning of any dating experience feels like the entire world is a new place. The getting to know each other phase is exciting for many people. This feeling eventually wears off, and the relationship may sour. Transitioning from dating into a real relationship is a time when people believe the newness is gone and there is nothing more to learn. They feel let down, but need to realize the learning has just begun.

The transition begins when a person can answer if their date would like a particular movie or restaurant. They no longer need to ask, and this is an important realization for many people. They believe they know the other person like an old shoe and suddenly feel trapped. The wise dater knows this is just the beginning. They can now take the time to find out what really drives the other person’s personality. Favorite foods, movies and music are just surface information.

Transitioning from dating to a relationship does not signify either partner has learned all they need to know. People are like onions, and they have many layers. Some couples have been together for years and still not learned all the important information about their partner. Surprises, for both people, are still available. Taking the time to dig deeper and continue learning about a partner will keep the relationship fresh for many years to come.